Amber says Hi!

The creation of this character took a long time, and a lot had to be learned and taken care of to make her suitable for animation.



But now its only the last bits and pieces that need to be done to complete a little animation with her.


So this post will be updated soon, when she is ready to come into action.


…updated with first action.


Wetsun – Early footage

A little game that’ll take some more time to complete. One level is sort of playable but its all very early and nothing is really set in stone yet.



Wetsun is still wearing his dev tunic within this footage. We hope to share more from him when we get the chance.



A few pieces I did for our Artgustus challenge.


Mermaid and TurtleMeditation Island


Time to HealJaa


Click the images to get a better look.


Zelda’s Key

This tiny fan game was created within Nintendo’s micro game development software WarioWare D.I.Y. It had to be designed within the limitations of this tool, therefore a game could only have about 8 seconds of gameplay.




Some tricks were needed to cram in everything this game needed. Working within these constraints was an encouragement for creativity while the focus was on achieving true Zelda gaming into a tiny and fun game.



Since its online service shut down people have found ways to share micro games anyway. So for the folks who like to give this a shot (and are willing to figure out how to run it) Zelda’s Key has now been released!



Zelda’s Key


…or just be a spectator.


Look for the differences

Can you find all 14 of them? Click on the image to start looking for them.


Can you find the 14 differences?



Floor present, light switch, shirt, belt, wall purple star, closet plant, tv, right baubles, upper center cloud, cat, angel heart, window flowers, center icicle, right window trees.