Apples for Granny

This tiny prototype game I created when I wanted to learn how to build a game where the player could sort of walk around in a painting.



There was not much of a game to play though, and it was all very rough around the edges, but I thought the walking around through a painting did kind of work.


It was made with Unity and the player character (created in Maya) was in fact a very early version of Amber.


Skybox painting

These paintings where made for the creation of a skybox. I was inspired through a Blender Open Movie project, which had allowed the online community to contribute their creations.


First attempt:


Skybox concept


I figured it might have been a bit too intense for the background, so in the end I went for a more realistic approach.


Skybox painting


Click on the images to blow up the sky.


Being painting

This is maybe my first real painting on canvas. It was painted at a course under guidance of an experienced artist. Along with some useful tips and tricks I got to know the steps to make an acrylic like this from start to finish.


Being painting


My dad took the picture. It’s very nice ^-^


Forest characters

Some concept drawings for a game I worked on a while ago with a friend of mine.


Forest people sketchAstral Crowns


Forest people


Forest people and facesForest kids


Click on the images to have a look around.


Virtual Boy

I have always been interested in drawing a comic book. So one day I found a post from a guy on the internet, he wanted to write a comic book and was looking for someone to do the artwork. This illustration was inspired on the given theme and was part of my application.



Click to see the full image.